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bye bye buteful

(glass bead)_g-friend

朋友您好.歌名:Ascension(Remix) - Mitis (这是3分12秒以后的) 第一首我听着不错,若您也喜欢,第一首歌名:shotgun senorita - blue stahli 希望能帮到您.

I Don't Wanna Go - Colette CarrWe bring the party, doesn't matter where we areSo grab somebody, keep it poppin after darkWe bring the party, taking off and never landNo we ain't leaving coz this shits about to bendI don't wanna go, I don't wanna

Poker Face - Lady GaGaMum mum mum mahMum mum mum mahMum mum mum mahMum mum mum mahI wanna hold em' like they do in Texas PlaysFold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me (I love it)Luck and intuition play the cards with

Hangover - Taio CruzI got a hangover wo-oh!I've been drinking too much for sureI got a hangover wo-oh!I got an empty cup pour me some moreSo I can go until I blow up ehAnd I can drink until I throw up ehAnd I don't ever ever want to grow up

G开头不知道,会不会是这个beautiful lies,歌手B-Complex

我是在想不出你所指的是哪首歌!不过我也是喜欢玩lol的!那就给你推荐几首歌曲吧: 1,lt's ok 2.sunshine girl 3,moonlight shadow 4,gotta have you 5,marry you祝你游戏愉快!

Cyberworld-X-Ray Dogbeautiful liesShotgun SenoritaAlan Walker估计是最后一个,希望采纳.

歌名:ALL I WANT专辑:Hanging On By A Thread歌手:The letter black

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