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昨天是中秋节,晚饭以后,我和爸爸、妈妈高高兴兴地坐在阳台上,一边吃月饼,一边吃柿子,一边赏月. 一轮金黄的圆月已经高高地挂在天空中,向地上洒下皎洁的月光,像轻纱似的一般温柔.天空中云很淡,风很轻,月光很美,这构成了

昨天是中秋节,晚饭以后,我和爸爸、妈妈高高兴兴地坐在阳台上,一边吃月饼,一边吃柿子,一边赏月. 一轮金黄的圆月已经高高地挂在天空中,向地上洒下皎洁的月光,像轻纱似的一般温柔.天空中云很淡,风很轻,月光很美,这构成了

Today is Mid-autumn Festival , father takes us to go to the seaside enjoy the glorious full moon. I see that slowly, Luna has risen, when seeming as if the shy little girl , rises to the top of the building, as if bold , has sprung all of a sudden to come out

What do you usually do on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival?I eat moon cakes and watch the moon with my parents.

你可以尝试在中秋节那天和家人一起赏月 You can try in the mid autumn day and celebrate together

The Mid-Autumn festival with our family eat moon cakes.

The joyous Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, around the time of the autumn equinox(秋分). Many referred to it simply as the "Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon".农历8月15日是中国的中秋节,接近秋分时节

Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the people of all nationalities seriously very much, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the day has a custom, eat moon cakes and looking for the legendary goddess in the moon, the moon


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