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Ⅰ1 E 2 A 3 B 4 C 5 D Ⅱ1 dismayed 2 invented 3 wheels 4 buried 5 sparks 6 solve 7 course 8 mess 9 mixed 10 snatched Ⅲ1 They have been trying to find how the accident happened.2 There is some interesting news in the newspaper. 3 It is said

Ⅰ⒈C⒉B⒊A⒋E⒌DⅡ⒈occasions⒉amusing⒊afford⒋nervous⒌interrupt⒍reminder⒎failed⒏opey⒐park⒑repliedⅢ⒈The young teacher cannot keep order in the classroom.⒉After he had finished his homework

1. There is some ice-cream in the refridgerator. ice cream 不可数2. There are3. there are some birds4. on the tree外来物用in5.fourteen pears and forty bananas6. to tell you truly, I do not want coffee with milk in help8. oranges,bananas9. playing in the garden in the afternoon10. Tom likes Chinese food very much

13.nervous 14.afford 15.weak 16.interupt 是不是这个?之前有人问过

Ⅰ.tt a a i a n i i r n u r e u i w w t i u 没有第二题的答案 Ⅲ.harpening nswered uestions ttendant arage epair ought aw elieve ecause Ⅳ.Don't mailed Don't help pass reading



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