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1.饭店的预约 在西方,去饭店吃饭一般都要事先预约,在预约时,有几点要特别注意说 清楚,首先要说明人数和时间,其次要表明是否要吸烟区或视野良好的座位. 如果是生日或其他特别的日子,可以告知宴会的目的和预算.在预定时间到达

您好 一刀一叉,左刀右叉 A knife and fork, knife and fork left right

in a western restaurant, the most important thing is the manners.first, the knives and forks.if you are right handed, then you need to hold the fork in your left hand, and the knife in your right hand.if you are left handed, then you hold them the oposite 这里有相当多的西餐英语,你可去查询 breakfast 早餐 lunch 午餐 brunch 早午餐 supper 晚餐 late snack 宵夜 dinner 正餐 ham and egg 火腿肠 buttered toast 奶油土司 french toast 法国土司 muffin 松饼

As we know, the occidental pay more attention to the meal science than taste. So the process of dining in the western restaurant is very important for the occidental. They attach importance to the order of dishing up. The meal often begins with the

Western tableware is put have certain rules. In every position to put on the table before a filled the main course of plate, and side dishes of dishes in the market. The bowl to put in the hostess on the tea table of side. On the right hand knife blade to

Chinese table manners These are mostly concerned with the use of chopsticks.Otherwise generally Chinese table manners are rather more informal,what would be

French Table Manners French table manners are really different from China. For example, you are not supposed to put your bread on your plate. You are supposed to put it on table! I thought that was pretty strange! And you are not supposed to eat

Eat Western food in a large sense in the mood to eat:the marble fireplace,Yi Yi flash of light crystal,silver candelabra,wine colorful,together with the people of the charming and

正规的西餐礼仪Normal Etiquette in West Restaurant1、预约的窍门.越高档的饭店越需要事先预约.预约时,不仅要说清人数和时间,也要表明是否要吸烟区或视野良好的座位.如果是生日或其他特别的日子,可以告知宴会的目的和预算.在

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