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be in

join是终止型动词 be in和be on是延续型 系表词组 join的延续性动词 可以用 be in和be on in和on 的用法 要看 后面的 介词宾语, 加入某种组织要用in. 如army, party, club等 he has been on his school team for two years. he has been in the army for two years.

become-beenjoin-been inarrive-been inleave-been awaybuy-hadborrow-kept

be a member of / be in是join的延续性动词 join 和join in是“参与”和“加入”,意义是不同的

瞬间动词,我还没听谁说过I've been joining the part for ten years.

不是.He joined the club three years ago.----He has been in the club for three years.-----He has been a member of the club since three years ago.瞬间动词改成延续动词borrow---keepbuy----havebegin---be on有些动词本身是延续的:如:wait,run,sleep

比如,我将参加这个团队 I will be join in this team.

become-beenjoin-been inarrive-been inleave-been awaybuy-hadborrow-kept

对.点动词可以有完成时态,但不可以和一段时间连用,即for,since 短语及how long 连用.如果连用,必须转化成其它延续性动词或延续性状态,如:join转化成be in ;但是点动词的否定可以和一段时间连用,上句可以这样用join:He hasn't joined the army for two years .

join- be in begin- be on fall asleep- be asleep borrow- keep

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