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on fire 冲出火焰

Laza Morgan

There's a girl but I let her get away 曾经心爱的女孩 我却让她擦肩而过 It's all my fault cause pride got in the way 自尊心作祟 一切都是我的错 And I'd be lying if I said I was ok 若说无事 其实只是谎言未戳破 About that girl the one I let get away 那个女

歌曲名:This Girl Has Turned Into A Woman歌手:黄莺莺专辑:The Best Of Tracy HuangThis Girl Has Turned Into A Woman- Tracy HuangWake up,The morning's over.The bed is soft and warm,Where we lay.I've dreamed the whole night through,

歌曲名:that girl歌手:Pharrell专辑:In My Mindwe do this in our sleep niggazYessirU eva been in love b4?Let me holla at u mannU know it's hard for a playa to admit that sumtimesBut I'm a spit that sumtimesU know wat I'm sayin'Ay p, give it to em

This Girl`s Prepared For War 播放 歌手:Bic Runga 语言:英语 所属专辑:Belle 发行时间:2011-11-14

首先,你歌名就记错了,应该是《That girl》求采纳!

歌曲名:That Girl (feat. Shaggy)歌手:Maxi Priest Featuring Shaggy专辑:The Best Of ShaggyYoCan I talk to you for a minuteLookAll I did was lookWhy you trippin'LookCheck this outBaby Look i'm tired of tryin'To convince you that I ain't caught up

歌曲名:Met This Girl歌手:McFly专辑:Room On The 3rd FloorMet This Girl歌词-McFlyMcFly - Met This Girl LyricsWell i met this girl, just the other day,I hope i don't regret, the things that i said no,And when we're laughing joking with each other

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